Diamond Tools, Cutting Machines & Drilling Systems

KERN-DEUDIAM – Company Information

KERN-DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of diamond tools and machines with worldwide business relations for more than 40 years. One of our company targets is the ongoing research and development in the area of diamond tools. In the past decades we always pursued own ways: our portfolio includes the most diverse, versatile and valuable tools on the market which are consistently and entirely developed and manufactured in Germany – to the highest quality standards and including innovative features making your work pleasant, productive and more efficient.

Up to now, delivery has been made exclusively by the parent company in Hövelhof/Germany but from now on customers in the Middle East will be supplied from the warehouse of the newly founded subsidiary KERN-DEUDIAM FZC in Dubai. Including spare parts supply, you can now resort the full product range of KERN-DEUDIAM here: high quality construction tools for core drilling, concrete cutting, grinding or sawing. We bring “Made In Germany” to the Middle East.

KERN-DEUDIAM Express2 Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond Tools

We develop and manufacture for you professional tools for grinding, drilling, sawing and cutting. Thanks to our own departments for research and development in our German headquarters (for diamond tools as well as for diamond equipment and machinery) we are able to consistently develope and manufacture in Germany, to the highest quality standards and including innovative features. We are proud our products are highly valued internationally and shipped every year in more than 70 different countries from Germany.

Machines for professionals

We also develop, build and sell construction machines for our diamond tools. Our broad range includes hand saws, chain saws, ring saws, bench saws, drill rigs, drilling motors, vacuum cleaners and, of course, a wide range of innovative (electric) floor saws Made In Germany.

Drilling Motors, Ring Saws & Power Tools